A childcare lawyer understand these transactions are complex and time intensive, given the level of industry regulation. They are not straight forward like the sale and purchase of other types of businesses.

Rachel Clarke Legal is a childcare lawyer specialist with skills to advise you on the legal and regulatory requirements and can advise you on all areas of your sale and purchase. Childcare centres have become major investment vehicles, and you need expert advice to get it right.

Specialist guidance and the right advice will make the sale or purchase of your childcare centre streamlined. You can have confidence knowing the transaction will be handled with the skill and solid understanding of the industry. Like many of our clients, if you get the first purchase right, you will undoubtedly acquire second and subsequent childcare centres.

Rachel Clarke Legal has close working relationships and can recommend accountants who have specialist knowledge of the childcare industry, selling agents and brokers who can help you sell or purchase a centre as well as childcare consultants who can assist with the ongoing regulatory requirements needed to build your business after you have purchased a centre.

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